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Baltimore Chimney Sweep / Cleaning

There is just something about the ambiance of a fire burning that helps to make a house a home, however, it also can be a danger to your family if not properly maintained!
While enjoying the comforts of a fireplace, it’s also a good idea to know about the different aspects to them:

    • 1. How often to have them cleaned?

    • 2. What to do if it is in need of repair?

    • 3. Can reconstruction of an old fireplace and chimney save your entire house?

    • 4. What about the different types of inspections that are available?

Chimney Safety Experts have been assisting home owners for over 25 years by performing routine inspections, cleanings, reconstruction as well as building new chimneys and fireplaces for brand new
homes. Fireplace / and chimneys cleaned starting at $99.95

We don’t just restrict our services to inspecting and cleaning your chimney; we provide chimney installations and fireplace repairs as well. There’s no need to call more than one company for your chimney and fireplace service needs, we can do it all! Have you bought a woodstove and aren’t sure how to install it? We can make sure it’s safely installed and running properly. We do the same for pre-fabricated fireplaces and pellet stoves. We are one of the only chimney services that properly services and repairs gas fireplaces as well. We know our business, which means that you can feel secure while saving money on your energy costs during the winter. Whether you are searching for Baltimore chimney inspections, or anything in between – call Baltimore Chimneys!

After a while soot and creosote begin to build up in your chimney. Now, everyone knows that soot is just part of having a chimney. Fine. But so is creosote. That’s the crusty stuff left over when soot and smoke gases condense. It’s also flammable and has been the cause of untold thousands of chimney fires all over the country. Scary thought, eh? Yet all this can easily be avoided by a quick and thorough once-a-year cleaning by Baltimore Chimneys

Dryer Vent regular cleaning should also be considered. Many dryer related fires are attributed to lint accumulation in the dryer as a result of several causes. Improper maintenance of the lint trap is at the top of the list. Lint from clothing can enter the dryer cavity through improperly installed or damaged lint traps and contact hot surfaces such as electric heating coils or the flames of a gas operated burner. Damaged drum seals, door seals and other dryer components allow lint into the dryer cavity. Finally, restrictive dryer vents cause reduced air flow and high temperatures in the dryer.


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