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Baltimore Chimney Installation

Chimneys have traditionally been built from brick, and they also frequently contain an interior tile liner. The liner assists with the flow of flue gases and helps prevent creosote, the black residue created from wood burning, from leaching into the pores of brick and mortar. Although liners have been used for many years, older chimneys may only have brick construction.

Chimney exteriors need care. As sturdy as brick is, it’s a natural substance that deteriorates over time. Storms and fallen tree limbs can cause damage. Water seeping into pores and then freezing can loosen mortar and cause bricks to crack, and creosote penetration may also be a problem. Baltimore Chimneys provides a range of services to maintain both residential and commercial brick chimneys. We can repair areas with broken or fallen bricks, and we also fully restore chimneys. Our dedication to quality workmanship ensures that all repairs and restorations follow proper construction codes.

Baltimore’s winters play rough with building exteriors, and Baltimore Chimney’s uses a variety of high-quality materials from numerous manufacturers to meet every possible repair need. In addition to chimney services, we handle all your roof-repair, windows, shingling, Chimney, and exterior-siding needs, working with materials such as stone, slate, clay tile, wood, fiberglass, vinyl siding, and more.

Baltimore Chimney Cap Installation

Having a cap on your chimney is very important for two reasons.  First, it stops animals from getting inside and causing an even bigger mess. Second, the cap protects the chimney and the pipes below from the weather, such as rain or snow.  This can cause rusting to components below such as the furnace, water heater or boiler. Chimney Cap installation starts at $119.95

Baltimore Fireplace / Wood Stove Installation

When you need a fireplace installed in Baltimore, Baltimore Chimneys for professional and reliable service. In addition to installing new fireplaces, we can also repair and clean existing ones. We offer quality products and brands, so call to speak to one of our fireplace experts if you are looking for the best fireplace for your home

Baltimore Prefab Fireplace and Gas Logs Installation

The chimney contractors at Baltimore Chimney’s are qualified to install factory–built fireplaces and gas log inserts of all makes and models. Even if you’ve had another company install your fireplace, we can inspect it if you’re having issues with it. The type of flue you have and the size of your chimney may not be compatible with factory-built inserts, since these are typically manufactured with a specific type of chimney attached. We are also qualified to install gas log inserts.

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